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Posted on August 08, 2013 by shannon lemos

Z Best Freebies and IFW Trading

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What is Z Best Freebies Trading?

Z Best Freebies Forum is a Trading Forum, where this takes place. ZBF functions to get Traders and referrals together, to ensure no one gets scammed, and to insure that the IFW used (in this case Z Best Freebies) is legit and can be depended upon to provide a good selection of offers, to provide good support, to pay Traders promptly, and otherwise not to engage in unethical practices that are, unfortunately, all too common in other Trading Forums.


How To Begin and Make Your Fast $60

1. The first step you want to take is to register at Z Best Freebies, which is FREE to join, so you have not one thing to loose.  Click Here to Register

2. After you have registered, you will have access to the ZBF Forum.  Just for stopping by the forum and and saying Hi to the members, you will receive $5 , which you will receive when you have greened your first site. Pretty Easy Right?

3. You will then connect with a trader/mentor and they will direct you to a Z Best Freebies site by sharing their link. You will then begin completing offers to equal 100 credits When you have reached your 100 credits by completing offers, we call this ” going green”.

4.  You green your site and your trade partner will pay you $50 for doing so.

5. You will receive an invitation to participate in a very short Survey for which you will be paid an additional $10.

FYI , this step is also considered ( Method 1 ) .  In a nutshell, it is completing offers to equal 100 credits. In return, you get paid $50 for every green you make.  ZBF has 10 Z Best Freebies sites.  By completing the sites and going green, in return you earn a ZBF link as well.  You will then be able to direct your referral to your ZBF link and complete a trade with them.

In total that is $65 that you can make and accomplish in 60 minutes

After making your fast $60 and greening your first ZBF site, you will be able to start trading yourself.  That is right, you only need to green one time to actually be where you want to be, which we call ( method 2 ) to make sustainable income.

How does Method 2 Work ?

1. Subscribe to the ” Paying for Referral Forum ” .  This will allow you to post a thread in the Paying for Referrals forum where most new members look to find a trading partner.  You now become a trader/mentor for new members to choose from.

2. Stay active within the ZBF forum by welcoming new members, sharing your links, and mentoring new members by answering their questions.

3.  Once a new member has chosen you as a trade partner, it is then your responsibility to lead, guide , and prepare them to green your ZBF site. Once they green your site, you will pay them $50.

So how do you make money

You make money by having 2 referrals green your site .  By doing this , you will receive $200.  After a short amount of time you will have referrals that begin to add up.  For example, just yesterday I had 5 referrals sign up on my ZBF links.  That is a possible $1000 dollars, but do keep in mind you will need to pay them $50 for the trade and greening .  In total you will receive $750 into your Pay Pal account.  Not bad at all in my book.  On top of this, if you have subscribed to the paying for referral forum and you have greened 5 Z Best Freebies sites you can take part in the team bonus.


In my opinion IFW trading gets overlooked for a genuine way to make legit and sustainable income.  Joining Z Best Freebies has opened many doors for me and it is by far one of the easiest and quick was to make money online.  Z Best Freebies surpassed my expectations and has allowed me to have the success I set out to get.

If you are looking for opportunity to make extra cash and build a platform for growth,  join my team.  I will lead , guide, and prepare you for your success at ZBF.  All you need to do is follow the simple steps , focus on your goal, be dedicated and determined, go achieve it, and then pass forward your knowledge and tools to others.

Z Best Freebies is Real People with Real Income

Click here now and get YOUR FAST $60 TODAY !!






For those who would like to get to know me, I am a professional commercial/editorial photographer and wardrobe stylist by trade.  I had my studio for a little over 10 years and then ... Guess what?

I became a mom.  I now have 3 boys who just rock my world and they are my little balls of energy.  I decided to stay home with them and shut down the studio.  I then needed to find another way to make money and work from home, and I did just that.

I am a VIP mentor/trader and contributor at Z Best Freebies, and an associate of ASEA which I am very passionate about. I also use IMGlobal for all of my marketing needs to help in my online success by generating more leads, sales and profits for my business.

I am loving every minute of what I am doing. It gives me great pleasure to work with others and share with them what I have learned and in return as a team achieve success. I am enjoying having best of both worlds.  Being able to work from home, and be with my boys ... what else could you as for!!!



4 Responses to “Z Best Freebies”

  1. Top Online Income Resources

    - 8th Aug, 13 06:08pm

    This sounds like an ideal deal! You guys on the US have everything going for you!
    Much success to you Shannon!

  2. Franco Spinella

    - 8th Aug, 13 07:08pm

    I did in the past Trang Investments and I understand always there was a big risk, mo9st of time loosing money, both if Playing by my self or with the help of some professional…
    I starting to make real money further that my original Job, only working with some very good Home Business

  3. Vanessa Wilson

    - 9th Aug, 13 02:08am

    Shannon, very nice blog post, might check this out later.

  4. shannon lemos (author comment)

    - 9th Aug, 13 04:08pm

    Thank you much for the commits everyone. Very much appreciated !

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