Who Is Wayne Knapcik

Posted on October 07, 2013 by Wayne

Who Is Wayne Knapcik

Hey, my name obviously,  is Wayne Knapcik.

If you have a desire to improve and do better in life, than I am here to help you.

Being an average male of the baby boom era, I escaped to the beautiful state of Wisconsin from the suburbs of Chicago when I was 29. I had married my bride at age 19 and we traveled and had fun for the first ten years together,  before having kids. I always had a free and easy spirit to spread my wings and get away from the rat race. Having a degree in Marketing/Mid-Management,  I started my own retail business by age 30, after working in the retail field since high school. Realizing I could not ware all the different “hats” required of a business owner,  I went back to the traditional work force to support my family. With a burning desire to do better and work for myself,  I continue to strive  to do better and accomplish my dreams.

I realize how it is to go from a world of dreams and desires  to a world of questions and frustration. Thinking that you had a future of the American dream,  of prosperity and a better life than your parents did, was only a pipe dream for most of us. One thing I did learn early fortunately, was to have a Plan B.  Since then I have never given up on improving my position in all areas of my life, financially and personally.

One lesson I learned early in my journey of personal development is that those who are of service to most will succeed the most. That you have to give to get and the more you help others the more it will help you. This will reward you more than just financially.

I am willing to help those who also have the same desire to succeed and prosper.


Wayne Knapcik

Wayne Knapcik  “Strive To Build Your Dreams or Someone Will Hire You To Build Theirs”
By Unknown



I awake and give thanks to God, for another day today.

As I sit at my desk and start my computer, I ask myself how can I begin this day and
make a difference in my life? How can I make a difference that will make a strong impact?
What do I have to offer others that could help them?

Hope and inspiration is what I have come up with.

Believing that many are in worse or similar situations and looking for answers,
I can share my knowledge. I have been blessed to have absorbed through out
my years on this earth many ideas and inspirations from some great mentors.

I have to believe that God put into my hands a set of audiocassettes for a reason.
At a very early start in my career I was fortunate to attend a seminar. I don’t
remember the speech or speaker but they gave away a gift at the end and I
had won it. It was a audio program from Nightingale Conant titled:
LEAD THE FIELD by Earl Nightingale.

I was amazed that I had won and was impressed with the prize I guess.
Impressed enough to listen to those tapes. Those tapes I know changed
my future and my life. I know they would help others also, if others only
had the fortunate Opportunity and Desire that I had. Those tapes put me
on a path for the rest of my life for the Desire to absorb as much as I could.

I am now realizing how this journey has affected my life. I wish to share some
of what has made a significant impact in me, to those that care to help themselves.

I quote the following:





Its probably getting better care!


Success as a human being is not a matter of luck or circumstance.

Its not a matter of fate or the breaks you get or who you know.


Success is a matter of sticking to a set of commonsense

principles anyone can master.


The magic word in life is ATTITUDE. It determines

your actions as well as the actions of others.


If your attitude is one of negativity and criticism, that’s

what you’ll receive from the rest of the world. If however,

your attitude is positive, upbeat and forgiving – that is the

response you’ll consistently get.


So when you accept responsibility for your attitude, you

accept responsibility for your entire life.


It’s as simple as that.


And, finally, realize that graduating from school is just the

beginning – the commencement – of your days and years

of learning. And with wisdom will come kindness, patience,

love, understanding and success as a person. It’s never

too late to begin.




We all measure success in our lives in many different ways.
Believe in yourself and help others and you will be successful in your life.

Thanks to God, I know I am, in my mind today.





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