Seacret with Wendy Welninski

Posted on May 22, 2013 by Wendy Welninski

SEACRET with Wendy Welninski

  Have you heard about the Dead Sea and the healing benefits from soaking in the mud and water?  I was introduced to this product line late in 2012.  Basically they carry skin care products that contain the salts and minerals from the Dead Sea

I started with a couple of products to try and signed on as a sales representative.  The company is Seacret Direct and sales representatives are called Seacret Agents!  I love that the company is having fun with the name as well as the product line.

If you have any skin conditions this line is a must try!  Our mud soap is made up of Dead Sea salts and mud!  That is it, a pure and simple healing bar of soap.  If you are a WAHM, work at home mom, this might be right up your alley.  You can do home parties and they really consist of offering a mini facial and a way to try first hand the cleansers and moisturizers.  Unlike some face care lines where you have to touch people to apply makeup to their face this company wants the client to learn to administer the cleansers themselves.  These facial sessions are referred to as Seacret Spa Parties. 

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Facial serum is another favorite of mine.  It is applied after cleansers but before moisturizers and it makes your face feel like silk.

 Seacret also offers the client who wants to buy the whole product line or a great deal of it the opportunity to get products at a reduced rate my signing up for their automatic monthly shipments.  You get to choose what you want and when and buy a few items at a time. 

Whether you have an interest in acquiring a new skin care product line, a part or full time business of your own or wish to be a part of a large MLM opportunity, be sure to take a look at Wendy Welninski’s Seacret Direct website.
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Wendy Welninski

Wendy Welninski

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4 Responses to “Seacret with Wendy Welninski”

  1. Steve Martino

    - 22nd May, 13 04:05am

    Wendy I have to admit this stuff really work, I try some and I was so impress how well it work and also how it makes your skin feel.

    Steve Martino

    • Wendy (author comment)

      - 25th May, 13 06:05pm

      Steve I’d love to read one of your blogs as well.

  2. Wendy (author comment)

    - 25th May, 13 06:05pm

    Can you send me a blog address of yours Steve, I’d love to read one of your blogs. Wendy

  3. Steve Martino

    - 25th May, 13 07:05pm

    Wendy don’t known how to contact you but you asked me to send a link to one of my blog here it is

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