How to make money in Wake Up Now!

Posted on August 04, 2013 by Gary L Simmons


How to make money in Wake Up Now!

Ever hear of the phrase “A dollar saved is a dollar earned”? Well with Wake Up Now also know as “WUN”, it is easier to accomplish than you would think! Wake Up Now offers a suite of money saving products that will save you up to $300 per month on items you are already spending each month. I’ll give you a few examples. saving 22% on your verizon or at&t cell phone bill and 12% on your T Mobile. Save money when you shop, travel, vacation, gas…you can even save $1 for every 2 miles you drive. How would you like to get out of debt in a fraction of the time without increasing the amount you pay each month? Well that’s how Wake Up Now helps you save money each month!

Wake Up Now has the easiest to achieve residual income comp plan called B3 H3 G3 – Bring 3, Help 3, Get 3 and you will earn $600 per month in residual income! You don’t have to recruit 50-100 people to make money with Wake Up Now, simply get 3 people and you will earn $100 which will cover your monthly bill so now you are getting all of the money saving services for free and when you help those 3 each get their memberships for FREE, you earn $600 per month for life. Now that’s not life changing money but that simple formula done over and over again throughout your team will earn you more money each month. And all you did was help 3 people to get their money saving services for free by getting 3 each for a team total of 12 people and you are making $600 each month! That can pay a car note, car insurance, or your utilities..or even if it just affords you to be able to take your family out a few times a month or pay for your family vacation each year…that is $7200 a year that you will have coming in to help out with expenses!

How to Make Money in Wake Up Now?

You can earn way more than $600 per month if you have the drive & determination but that all depends on you! I’m not going to try to pump you up and tell you that I will help you make $10K per month because honestly I haven’t achieved that yet myself but I can certainly teach and help you to make $600 per month and help your team to do the same and over time your income will escalate! Who knows maybe you are better at marketing than I am and you even exceed me in rank and income which is cool. But if an average guy like me can build this business part time while working full time as a commercial electrician working six 10-12 hour days a week? So can anyone! Leave your excuses at the door and let’s make you some money together!


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Hey everyone, My name is Gary I'm an internet marketer and have been in the network marketing/MLM industry for over 10 years. I was first introduced to this industry by a good friend of mine that I had not been in contact with for several years. She introduced me to a company named Excel Telecommunication which was the largest telecom company in the MLM industry. I'll never forget her excitement and passion for the business because that is what really attracted me and because I've known her for 15 years at that time, I wanted to know what she was so excited about. Any of this sound familiar yet? Well, the following month Excel was having it's annual convention called Excelebration and I flew down to orlando florida to see what this was all about. When I got there, I couldn't believe my eyes! I have never seen that many people all jazzed up and excited about anything in my life other than a sporting event or celebrity sighting...LOL. To make a long story short, I attended the award ceremony and it was then that my life was forever changed! I watched a top producer walk across the stage and get awarded a bonus check of $500K and I was totally blown away! I had no idea that there were people out there making that kind of money unless they were celebrities, professional athletes or fortune 500 executives. And from that day on, I never looked at making money the same again! It was like I lived underground my entire life and when I got a peak at how beautiful it was above ground in the light...I never wanted to go back!

I can honestly say that network marketing has opened my eyes but it wasn't an easy journey for me. What I didn't realize was that running your own business is nothing like having a regular job! And although the industry is simple in concept, it is not easy! The mental toughness needed to persevere when everyone around you tells you "NO. or that's just one of those pyramid things, or I know someone that tried something like that once and they failed"...that's the hard part! Treating your business like a hobby instead of  like a multi million dollar empire is why so many people fail in this industry. It's not that the industry doesn't work or the product is not consumable or only those who get in early makes all of the money. The truth is that many people fail because they are not willing to do what is necessary to make it happen! I say that from experience because when I first got started, I was all fired up, I went out and bought a laptop to I can show dvd presentations, got my business cards, had flyers made up and then I hit the pavement...did'nt know much about the business I just knew that the people on stage talked about how all they did was get excited and talked to people with enthusiasm and they were signing people left and right! I did home parties, talked to friends and family got a few customers, became a product of the product...I did everything I was told to do and when a few people told me no and I wasn't having the success I wanted, I began to think that earning income from home wasn't possible for someone like me. What do I know about sales & marketing? I'm a commercial electrician for crying out loud, perhaps I should just stick to what I know! A few colleagues told me to stay consistent and to read some personal development books but I didn't listen. I thought to myself, "I don't want to read books, I want to make money" I didn't see them reading any books, I just saw them recruiting like crazy and driving nice cars and living in nice homes and that's what I wanted..I wanted that lifestyle but I wasn't ready to do what they did to get there! I had that microwave mentally (I want it now) But I had to quickly get out of the mentality of my situation and decided to create a path of my own!. "THERE IS NO SHORTCUT TO SUCCESS" And once I realized that, I began to go about this business differently!

I've been apart of several network marketing companies, Excel was the first and although I made decent money recruiting for that business, it went under before I got to create any real big money!

Then about 4 years later, I stumbled upon a company called Financial Destination Inc (FDI). This is where I really grew as an entrepnenuer. FDI was a financial Solutions company and not only did they offer incredible products, they were also big on teaching personal development! I loved that company, they had a great upfront bonus plan and a very nice residual income plan. I made several thousands of dollars in the five years I have been with them but most of the money I made came from upfront bonuses and coding bonuses which was great but I got into this industry to build a residual income, that walk away income that creates time freedom! Upfront bonuses are great but in order to continue to receive them, you have to continue to recruit and sell products and that's much like having a regular job and I didn't want that! Then in 2011, FDI wanted to become a publicly traded company so they merged with a larger company named Youngevity which is a great company with great health and wellness products but when our comp plan changed, so did my income..for the worst unfortunately and most of my downline left the company out of disgust from what had happened to their incomes that they worked hard to build! So I began to look for other opportunities that I could build on the side and would help my team be able to purchase some of Youngevity's products because they really work great! I just wasn't as passionate about the health/wellness industry although I still use the 90 for life products for personal use and I may get a customer here or there. I tried a company called Zeek rewards which was a revenue sharing platform that was shut down due to regulatory challenges. Then I tried a company named Go Fun Places which was a travel, leisure and lifestyle business which was also a revenue sharing program that also stopped operating in the U.S due to regulatory challenges. Then a little over 2 months ago I stumbled upon a financial wellness company named Wake Up Now. The name alone had me intrigued but what impressed me the most was their products because they were a financial wellness and I did well in the financial arena with FDI before the merger and it's easy to achieve residual comp plan! Wake up now is such a no brainer for many, saving money on the things they do everyday and being able to travel for a very low cost. Referring 3 people and helping them them to do the same earned me $600 in monthly residual. And it was that concept which blew me away. Statistics show that the average person in a network marketing/MLM business can recruit atleast 3 people into their business and that was so clear to me. Okay, we have a company here that not only helps consumers save money each month on the things they are already committed to spending on, not only do they offer a products that helps consumers save $1 for every 2 miles they drive and help consumers get out of debt in a fraction of the time but they also offer a comp plan that was designed for the average person to make money! This business has truly changed my life, can I teach the average person how to become a millionaire in this business? Not sure, I am not yet there myself! But can I help and teach the average person how to make $600 per month in residual income and teach them how to help others do the same, absolutely! I would not been able to succeed in this business without the help of my team, teamwork makes the Dream work and we work together to help everyone succeed!

If you are interested in learning more about me or my company, please email me at

6 Responses to “How to make money in Wake Up Now!”

  1. Jaime Librado

    - 4th Aug, 13 10:08am

  2. Gary L Simmons (author comment)

    - 4th Aug, 13 04:08pm

    Hi Jaime, thanks stopping by. I’ve been in Wake Up Now for about 45 days and I so love this business! I have never had success in ANY network marketing business like I am having with WUN! It’s been a true blessing!

  3. Robert White

    - 8th Aug, 13 11:08pm

    Very Informative Gary, keep up the good work

  4. Gary L Simmons (author comment)

    - 9th Aug, 13 03:08pm

    Thanks Robert!

  5. Patricia

    - 9th Aug, 13 05:08pm

    Your enthusiasm for Wake Up Now can be felt throughout your blog, Gary. Great job! I wish you tremendous success.

    • Gary L Simmons (author comment)

      - 9th Aug, 13 11:08pm

      Thank you Patricia, I truly appreciate the well wishes. If not for my team succeeding, I would have nothing to blog about…it’s all about the team..we ALL succeed together T.E.A.M Together.Everyone.Achieves.More!

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