FG Xpress PowerStrips™ – a first of their kind product

Posted on September 24, 2013 by Otmar Lindner

FG XPress PowerStrips™ are the first of their kind product that can be sold anywhere in the world. FG Xpress PowerStrips™ are a patented, doctor formulated and FDA Class I Medical Device for the temporary relief of pain. The Baby Boomers are in pain and if you suffer from aches, pains or just lack of energy, wait until you see what FG Xpress just created for you.


Introducing FGXPRESS!

A simple and duplicable system: One product, one price, patented, safe and natural, doctor-formulated, brand new, first of its kind, category creator and exclusively ours! PowerStrips™ are a patented fusion of modern energy and ancient herbs. Everyone and every part of the body needs energy. PowerStrips™, worn daily, bring energy to those parts of the body that need it. By increasing energy, one of the first benefits you’ll notice is a relief of pain. For this reason, PowerStrips™ are listed as a Class 1, Medical Device by the FDA that can be used for pain relief.


Got Pain?  Throw Away The Meds! All-Natural Pain Relief Solution: There is an amazing new technology in Health Care that relates to Human Pain Remedies, without medication and the side effects that go along with it. It’s called FG Xpress Power Strips and it’s changing the lives of many people that suffer from the following issues:

> Back Pain
> Muscle Soreness
> Stiff Neck
> Headaches
> Fibromyalgia
> Sciatica Buttock Pain
> Knee Pain
> Leg Muscle Pain
> Arm Muscle Pain
> Lack of Energy

Developed by Dr. Minsu Kim, PHD at the World Renown Institute of Engineering and Technology of the Future (University of Korea).  Dr. Kim has developed a “Category Creator” utilizing Wave Form Energy along with a Proprietary Blend of Korean Red Ginseng, Marine Phytoplankton, and minerals. This breakthrough product has been proven to promote a pain free body and boost immune and mental support providing energy and vitality.  Powerstrips are a healthy alternative to harmful pain medications.

FG Xpress Power Strips are an all Natural Pain Relief that sticks to your body, right at the source of the pain. With a Class 1, Medical Device approved by the FDA, Power Strips are a serious contender in Pain Relief Remedies, Natural Homeopathic remedies!
These Power Strips are not only used for Pain Relief but they also boost immune and mental support providing energy and vitality.


Each topically applied FG Xpress PowerStrip has two layers. The outer layer contains elemental Germanium. The inner or adhesive layer contains a proprietary blend of: Fermented Korean Red Ginseng, Silver & (Alpha-c CMPTM) Marine Phytoplankton. Power Strips are a patented product that uses ancient herbs with a combination Elemental Germanium, Korean Red Ginseng, Silver and Marine Phytoplankton. The Power Strips are a water soluble adhesive that sticks to your skin that absorbs the rich ingredients, right to the source of the pain.


 Thousands of People from around the Globe have already experienced the incredible benefits of using PowerStrips. Join Today and Start Building your Business anywhere in the World!


FGX Compensation Plan by Otmar Lindner

We mean business. This product changes lives and by you sharing this information with others, could naturally relieve pain for people and get them off their medication for good. FG Xpress is in Over 150 Countries and growing, because it works. Shipping this product is simple and for a limited time I am sending out FREE samples to the ones that want to try this amazing product.

FG Xpress is designed to bless millions of people with billions of dollars, residually! Our intent is to move money and commodity around the world at record pace. Money is a major part of our health and well being. It is there to serve humanity, not vice versa. The more the merrier, it makes good people better!  Xpress yourself today! Easy, simple seamless, global!!!

I am willing to help anyone who is open minded and believes anything is possible. I dream BIG and my goal is to help people become financially free to live a better life.

Summary: FG XPress PowerStrips™ are a Doctor Formulated ‘First-of-it’s-Kind’ Product Listed by the FDA as a Class 1 Medical Device. Powerstrips are a Patented Fusion of Modern Breakthrough Technology and Ancient Herbs providing an All-Natural Solution for Pain Relief. Top 5 Reasons to Consider Powerstrips: 1. Avoid the Dangers of Prescription Pain Medication and Save Money with a Safe Economical Solution. 2. Relieves Pain and helps you gain the vitality and rejuvenation needed to power through your day. 3. Safe for all ages and designed to be worn every day as part of your health routine for 24-48 hours. 4. Powerstrips combine a proprietary blend of ancient herbs, minerals and elements (Korean Red Ginseng, Germanium, Marine Phytoplankton, Minerals and Ionic Silver) along with a breakthrough technology called ”waveform energy” that is applied topically. 5. State-of-the-Art Technology that uses muscle and tissue to activate and boost energy in areas of pain and discomfort bringing rejuvenation to the body. Join or shop at: www.iq4.eu

Korean Red Ginseng’s Cancer-Preventative Potential

Korean Red Ginseng

Korean Red Ginseng is the most effective ginseng available. It was given its name because of its diverse variety of healthy benefits. It has the name “Panax” which means, “cure all”. For thousands of years it has been used by Asian cultures. Today, Korean Red Ginseng is used through out the world. It is believed to deliver positive benefits to the body and mind.

The earliest uses of Red Korean Ginseng can be traced to Korea where it was used as an energizing tonic. In recent decades it has been studied by western medical science and found to have an impressive healthy benefits. They include pain relief and enhanced immune system function, anti-diabetic effects, enhanced liver function, improved blood pressure, anti-fatigue and anti-stress effects, improved sexual function and anti-aging effects.

The active components in Korean Red Ginseng are called Ginsenosides and Saponins. Those found in Korean Red Ginseng are distinct and more effective when compared to other varieties of ginseng. There are a wide variety of amino acids, enzymes, vitamins and more than 40 minerals found in Korean Red Ginseng.

Health benefits reported by the correct use of Korean Red Ginseng include:
• Mental Clarity and Focus
• Healthier Immune System
• Cleansing and detoxification
• Healthier blood pressure
• Stimulation of Nitric Oxide synthesis
• Possible anti-diabetic effects

Korean Red Ginseng is not easy to grow. It must be grown organically and requires more than 5 years before it can be harvested. The soil requirements for growth are very specific. The soil must be rich with nutrients for ginseng to survive. Sometimes the soil must remain fallow for up to 10 years before the next crop of Korean Red Ginseng can be planted.

Marine Phytoplankton

 Marine Phytoplankton

Marine Phytoplankton makes life possible on our planet – they are Microscopic single-cell organisms, considered the first plant or food on our planet.  Many experts consider Marine Phytoplankton to be “the perfect super-food”. Marine phytoplankton’s nutrition is so complete it can sustain life and facilitate regeneration while providing energy to every cell in our body.  One challenge to this, however, is the silica wraps that encompass these single-celled organisms. Human cannot digest this silica wrap because we lack the necessary enzyme, silicase. Recently on an island off the west coast of Canada the marine engineer, Tom Harper, discovered a patent-pending process. This process, for the very first time, made Marine Phytoplankton’s nutrition available for absorption by the human body. This all-natural process breaks open the silica wrap that surrounds each individual phytoplankton, releasing and making available its abundant nutrition.

Silver and Its Role in Health

The antimicrobial properties of silver have been known to cultures all around the world for many centuries. The Phonecians stored water and other liquids in silver coated bottles to discourage contamination by microbes.  Silver dollars used to be put into milk bottles to keep milk fresh, and water tanks of ships and airplanes that are “silvered” are able to render water potable for months. In 1884 it became a common practice to administer drops of aqueous silver nitrate to newborn’s eyes to prevent the transmission of Neisseria gonorrhoeae from infected mothers to children during childbirth.

Germanium and Far Infrared

Germanium is a naturally occurring chemical element with symbol Ge and atomic number 32. It is a lustrous, hard, grayish-white metalloid in the carbon group. What is Far Infrared (FIR)? These are waves of energy capable of penetrating thru the skin into the human body and activate major body functions. Far Infrared is part of the electromagnetic spectrum. Our bodies respond readily, in healthful ways, to Far Infrared energy. The Chinese have recognized the healing properties of far infrared for thousands of years. Yogis in India and Reiki healers use Far Infrared energy. Ancient civilizations in Italy, pre-Colombian America, as well as Egyptian cultures and others used far Infrared therapy. Today, the most advance clinics and hospitals use Far Infrared technology for its abundant healthful effects.


Alpha 3 CMP

Not all Phytoplankton are created equal. A rare and unique discovery has been made at an Aquaculture research facility on Vancouver Island in British Columbia. Alpha 3 CMP is a breakthrough product that has harnessed Earth’s original food source and made it bio-available for the human digestive tract. Humans made up of billions of cells: cells that started out as basic stem cells and transformed into each specific cell for each body part. Stem cells have three general properties: they are capable of dividing and renewing themselves for long periods; they are unspecialized; and they can give rise to specialized cell types. Scientists are now studying how to heal our bodies using proliferated stem cells, but there are huge ethical concerns. But, what if we could heal our own cells with nutrients? A mere 3.3 billion years ago all life existed from single cell creatures from the sea: phytoplankton, the flora, and zooplankton, the fauna.

A rare and unique discovery has been made at an Aquaculture research facility on Vancouver Island in British Columbia. Alpha 3 CMP is a breakthrough product that has harnessed Earth’s original food source and made it bio-available for the human digestive tract. If most of the nutrients for our topsoil came from the sea, then the foods we eat get the same nutrients. Unfortunately our food is so processed, first by the plant itself, then by the manufacturers that the nutrient level is very low.

History in the making

When Tom Harper, owner and operator of Unique Sea Farms saw how shellfish that ate the Alpha 3 CMP phytoplankton grew and had a lower mortality rate, he realized that this might be a food that could encourage health in other species within the Aquaculture industry, or have potential for humans. For generations, wonderful species of Algae such as Spirulina, Chlorella, and Astaxanthin have been helping individuals maintain good health, and now Mr. Harper has developed methods of bringing humans this extraordinary new highly concentrated blend of wild Phytoplankton for the first time in history.

Scientist and Natural practitioners have known for years the nutritional potential within these microscopic plants, but due to the fact plankton maintain the foundation of all life in our oceans, we know we can’t harvest them in sustainable quantities from the Sea without threatening the Earths’ fragile eco-system. Mr. Harper’s Patent pending technology allows him to grow massive quantities of this wild plankton blend in his eight one million litre tanks, and returning the original amounts of plankton nutrients back to the ocean within a 5 to 12 day period. Therefore the oceans’ foundation remains balanced.

Mr. Harper tried it on himself as an experiment because he had been diagnosed with a rare and untreatable illness that would cut his life short within the next year. He started eating about 75 mg of the phytoplankton per day and noticed positive shifts in his overall physical / emotional state within a short time. While he cannot legally claim that the phytoplankton is responsible for the turn around, he does believe that the benefits from the product helped increase his immune system for a stronger fight. Alpha 3 CMP is 3rd party tested at a licensed facility under the strict guidelines of Health Canada for yeast, mould, bacteria, e-coli, staphylococcus, salmonella, heavy metals and arsenic, and thus far, continue to meet those high standards each and every time.

Five years later, Mr. Harper can easily produce astonishing amounts of Phytoplankton with the ability to expand to meet a global demand within all sectors of the food and ingredient markets. Production is done in outdoor tanks using natural seawater pumped from a depth of 100 meters off the shore of the Sea Farm. Any and all debris is completely filtered out leaving only pristine clear water containing naturally occurring phytoplankton. With natural sunlight, and patent-pending techniques, the farm recreates the spring bloom conditions, producing billions of tiny floras within the massive tanks in only 5 to 11 days.

Due to the enormous success of Alpha 3 CMP over the past 3 years, other Plankton products are making their way into the market. Many consumers believe that all Phytoplankton products are grown and created equally, when in fact this is far from the truth. Alpha 3 CMP Marine Phytoplankton is the only product that contains WILD BLENDS of hundreds of plankton species, and whose silica cell wall has been naturally and gently ruptured without the us of any heat, freezing, or chemicals to allow the essence of the phytoplankton to become bio-available for human consumption.

Many other products on the market contain single strains of phytoplankton that are grown in a completely denatured, unnatural laboratory environment using Bio-reactors and synthetic seawater, and then put into capsule or liquid form whole with the silica shell still in tact. That means that very little, if any of the nutrients will be absorbed by the body. Human beings, unlike animals, are lacking the digestive enzymes in their stomachs to break down the silica cell wall of Phytoplankton and benefit from any potential nutrients inside. Therefore, you will find most plankton products blended with seaweeds and other greens to yield possible nutritional benefits for humans.

This prompted Dr Richardson PhD, from the Department of Health Promotion and Education at the University of Utah to begin a double blind study at the University of Utah that has phenomenal primary results.

“We heard enough anecdotal evidence to prompt the University of Utah to accept the challenge to do a double blind study of the Alpha 3CMP,” said Dr. Glen Richardson. “With the results we achieved such as increased CD3 complex cells (the immune booster cells in the body), an indicator of the presence of T-Lymphocytes, we could see definitive health benefits from this whole food.” The double blind study also revealed a positive “Psycho-Spiritual” effect. “The emotional items that showed significance were favourable responses to inquiries about how they felt in the previous four weeks” writes Dr. Richardson in an excerpt from his initial Pilot study. Some examples are shown below:

a. Feeling full of life
b. Feeling lots of energy
c. Feeling calm and peaceful

The fact that the University of Utah does not endorse Alpha 3CMP makes the findings all the more significant. Dr. Richardson and his colleagues are simply testing for scientific evidence. The results they have found so far explain why such a vast and varied amount of positive feedback is coming in from consumers.

Alpha 3 CMP is the only phytoplankton available with these human studies, with these proven results, and it is important to understand that these results are not found with any other Phytoplankton products not containing Alpha 3CMP to date.

Production of Alpha 3 CMP also offers the planet a “zero carbon footprint”. Most products, even agricultural, leave a carbon footprint, whether it’s methane gas from a herd of cows, or the cost to bring woodchips to a facility to make bio-fuels.


A Break Through for Nutrition

The plant kingdom holds many secrets to health that we are only beginning to discover.

When dietary supplement manufacturers create a new product packed with great nutritional fruits, plants, herbs or roots, first they extract the nutrition from the plant which comes out as an essential oil. These oils are packed with all the most important nutrients.

But we know that the human body is 70% water. And we know water and oil don’t mix well.

Then science create emulsifiers. By the use of certain chemicals, they try to make these nutrients so they can be water soluble, thus, more “compatible” for the human body. Unfortunately, these chemicals are not always good for preserving the nutrients, nor for the human body.

There’s a fairly new, environmentally conscious process to extract essential ingredients. Instead of common extraction methods involving heat or nutrient-harming solvents, by the use of CO2 extraction, to capture every element from the whole plant without destroying its nutrients. When a certain amount of pressure is applied to CO2 (carbon dioxide), it turns into liquid. This liquid CO2 can be used as an inert, safe liquid solvent. CO2 is the gas we exhale from our lungs. It is also the gas that plants thrive on. This unique CO2 extraction process preserves the essential oils, resins, and powerful antioxidant-rich phytonutrients of the whole plant.

Once the CO2 process is complete, and without any chemical-based emulsifiers, The AMP process is a technological breakthrough, emulsifying the plant components and rendering them water-soluble making the nutrients instantly bioavailable in the body. Nothing carries nutrients into our cells more effectively than water, as 70% of the human body is water and 94% of the brain is water.

This could be the breakthrough for the supplement industry and customers, so every time we buy a supplement rich in nutrients, consumers, can get the most for our money.

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I was born and raised in Austria. I do belief that hard work pays and I have no problem with doing just that. I've also learned though that you will not generate a serious income if you don't use your brain-cells as well. This is why I fell in love with promoting mental sanity in every aspect – from food for thought to nutrition for body and mind. I love talking nutrition and helping people discover what I had the pleasure of finding out before them. Feeling sick and tired may be "normal" but it's certainly not how we were meant to live! I'd like to inspire you to take control of your mental and bodily health by creating a healthy relationship with food and by becoming a critical thinker. You eat every day, and what you eat will both bring your body and mind into balance and closer to optimal health or it can shift the balance towards mental and physical illness. The choice is in your hands right at this very moment!

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