Double Up Dollars Review

Posted on July 15, 2013 by Julie

 What Is Double Up Dollars?


Double up Dollars is a privately owned business that is centered around teaching aspiring Entrepreneurs the in and outs of network marketing by providing endless amounts of videos, online classes, and reading material via it’s patented Educational System.

It also provides opportunities for students to open and run their own marketing business, while benefiting from support and information provided by mentors. Students earn as they learn.




Double Up Dollars’ Compensation  Plan:

Once a student has enrolled he or she will be given the opportunity to offer more tuition packages to potential future students. Each student will receive a monthly commission of either $25 or $125 for each transaction completed.

With an innovative ‘reverse 2 up’ system, each student will be able to make an infinite amount of income. The profit system works by allowing each student to keep his or her 1st and 3rd sale and passing up the 2nd and 4th to the person who referred him or her. Any sale or tuition transaction the student completes after the 4th, the student gets to keep – NO MORE PASSUPS!

Online Marketing Education-
Teaches basic computer skills in an easy-to-learn format; beginner and expert skills for online marketing; blogging and Search Engine Optimization(SEO); how to use classified, solo, banner and other forms of ads; Stock, commodity, Forex Trading. and Real Estate; and much,much more.

Includes 30 hours/weekly of Live Interacting Training via webinar(all are recorded and Archived)and Free Individual mentoring upon request. The classes are designed to be fun and non-stressful!

Customer Acquisition Placement Specialist(CAPS)-

A special partnership with a Marketing Company supplies a Specialist to help the students start their own business by advertising on their behalf. This is done by website, telemarketing, sales, and ad placement, plus sales support. The student is guaranteed 4 customers.

Online Automatic Sponsoring Income System(O.A.S.I.S.)- Takes care of managing and recruiting prospective sales for the student in his or her business.


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