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$45 gives you 1,000 visitors to your website from other members.. and a permanent directory
listing. You share in revenues as long as you click a minimum of 10 ads daily until your
position reaches $56.25 (125%)

Revenues are shared from other $45 purchases, $49 solo ad purchases, $350 leaderboard banner
ad purchases, and $85 125×125 banner ad purchases. So with 4 different streams of revenue
shared among all members, this is setup to provide members with traffic to their website and
125% increases on their traffic purchases.. each purchase of traffic bumps their listing
back to the top of the directory.

The great thing about this program is we split all profits from sales. This differentiates

us from other revenue shares because many only split the purchse of shares.

You Split in ALL Sales — NOT JUST SHARE PROFITS, **ALL** PROFITS (Smart & Stable)

Referring, you’ll make 10% on ALL referral ad purchases.






Directory & Traffic Package $45

$4.50 Commission


Solo Ad Purchase $49
$4.90 Commission


Leader Board Ad (728×90) $350/week
$35.00 Commission


125×125 Banner Ad $85/week
$8.50 Commission


Imagine if other solo ad sites split all sales revenues with you? Imagine if money making
forums or monitor sites split their banner revenues with you? That’s exactly what
adhitprofits does, while offering discount prices on listings.


Directory Listing = $45 — bump to the top of the list for another $45

These are massive savings

and we split all the profits with you

all the ads (except for the directory listing) are bought by advertisers.. we split the
profits from those ad sales and share purchases with all who bought a directory listing
so assuming we keep having high traffic to the site and attention — advertisers will
continue buying ads.. and we’ll continue splitting those profits with everyone forever .



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