15 Winks Dating App & How it works

Posted on November 09, 2013 by Des Mc Dermott

www.desmcdermott.com15Winks Dating App is close to Blast Off and when it does it is reckoned go viral within months. Imaging if you had been given the opportunity to be one of the first people to be positioned in the start up of any of the big social networks. How financially free would you be today and how different would your life be. Continue reading because this is your chance……

15Winks Dating App and how it works!

15 Winks  Dating App will revolutionize the way the dating world will connect. This simple App allows you to record a 15 second advert on your smart device outlining what your ideal date would be. When you record your 15 second wink your phone will display your Geo Location showing where you are located.

A brilliant feature of this 15Winks App is that you must record from your device live (no uploading videos) this cuts out any tampering with the video. This also allows the viewer to hear your voice, judge your personality,see your features, decide whether you are attractive or not and  basically getting a feel for you before meeting you if that is their desire. No more relying on the old fashioned way of an uploaded image of a person that was possibly taking 10 years ago or had a face lift with Photoshop.

www.desmcdermott.com15Winks Dating App:  Let’s bring it on.  Finally a new, exciting, safe way to get to meet Mr or Mrs Right

Another amazing feature of the 15Winks App is that you no longer will ever need to be on your own no matter where you travel. Let’s say you travel to London, Paris, Rome etc for a weekend either by yourself or with a bunch of friends. When you get there all you have to do is log in to the 15 Winks App and instantly see people in that area who are also using the 15Winks App and looking to meet, this is achieved through the Geo Location which I mentioned earlier. You will also be able to find out venue’s where you can party safely with self minded people.

Here’s the really exciting news. Imagine if you had the opportunity to be a First Mover with Facebook or Twitter when they first launched. Wow how wealthy would you be now? Well this is the opportunity you have right now for a limited time only.

15Winks Dating App is accepting a limited amount of individuals to participate in the Global launch and these people will be rewarded with a percentage of every 15Winks App that is downloaded globally which we expect will be millions upon millions. The 15Winks App only costs $15.99 per month which is a fraction of what other dating sites are charging.

There are 5 levels for company Launch Partners.

www.desmcdermott.comPlatinum Launch Partners only 400 members accepted

Gold Launch Partner only 800 members accepted

Emerald Launch Partners 2,000 accepted

Silver Launch Partners 4,000 accepted

Bronze Launch Partners 5,000 accepted.

(Once those numbers are signed up (That’s It Launch Partners Opportunity Closed) its first come first served)

Never in the history of the Internet has there been such a phenomenal advancement in the way dating can be conducted in a safe and exciting manner.

An opportunity like this will never come again so here’s what you have to ask yourself. Do I want to be part of this or sit on the fence and watch it go by?

The offer is only open for a limited time and a limited number of First Movers

It’s your call do you want to be part of this new & exciting dating revolution if so contact my consultancy company and Iwill forward you an enrollment form to lock in your position alternatively print of the enrollment form below and follow instructions..

I can get you positioned but you must hurry as when this launches publicly the available Launch Partners positions will be swooped up in days if not hours.



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